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What is Hope to Walk?

Watch the video to see how Hope to Walk is transforming lives and how you can play a part in giving someone the hope to walk.

How Can I Help

MARLON-emailOur Mission…

Hope to Walk brings hope and a future to amputee patients in developing nations by designing low-cost prosthetics and training local providers to manufacture and deliver them.

“Over 2 billion people in the developing world live on less than $3.10 a day. The World Health Organization estimates that there are roughly 35 million people who need prosthetic or assistive devices. Unfortunately, many of these people are not able to afford traditional prosthetic legs. Hope to Walk has designed below-knee and above-knee prosthetic legs that cost less than $100 and $200. To meet this incredible need we partner with missionary clinics across the globe and equip locals to manufacture and fit our prosthetics, allowing us to “Give the Gift of Walking” to as many people as possible. When you join our efforts, you give the world’s poor the opportunity to walk, support their families, and lead productive lives.”

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and give an amputee patient the hope to walk they are waiting for.

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People From Around The World Need Help To Walk Again.

Hope To Walk receives requests on a weekly basis from doctors, amputees, and family members of amputees who need prosthetics but either have no access to components or cannot afford them. Click on the various nations in purple to see the many requests we receive.

The question is: How can you help us help them?

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I am DR Oten a surgeon, working in Vanuatu, Pacific.

I have a lot of amputees here who lost their limb secondly to diabetic foot complications. Our min challenge is getting them a prosthesis so they can be economically empowered and provide living for their family. we have no means or producing tailored prosthesis here as we have limited finances and hope to apply for donations.  I am grateful for your input and assistance.

Thank You

Dr Oten , Vanuatu, Pacific

I have been an amputee for 26 years and I understand the struggles when your prosthesis falls apart and help is far away.  It would be a relief to many if HOPE TO WALK can come to our aid in Northern Nigeria, where there are many amputees not enough prosthetists or centers.  I have the wherewithal to provide a suitable location, I can also organise fund raisers which could raise some funds as I work with a bank and can reach out to a lot of people who would like to encourage me. They only need to know there is a structure in place.
The question is: Can you come to Nigeria?

Anonymous , Nwafo Nigeria

At least for now I don’t need crutches a lot. And I am so grateful for this. I might look greedy for seeking another one while people out there can’t even get one. But please don’t get me wrong. I am just a man, a husband, a father-to-be who try to be better.  I am so touched to found out that there are people doing the same like you do. We, the amputees, need you. The world need you. No matter how much the cost of prosthetic you provide, you give people like a second chance to walk again. That’s absolutely something, a great thing.  Thank you that you would keep my email till you get a chance to come to Indonesia. I hope that I will already have a decent leg on that day so I can show it to you. Otherwise, you will be the man who give me one.

Keep doing the deeds and may God bless you and people in Hope to Walk.

Anonymous, Abdul, Indonesia

This Infographic Shows What We Do.


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Some Thoughts & Stories.

What do Latin Americans think about Hope To Walk?

Latin Americans from 7 countries were asked, “If you could summarize Hope To Walk in one word, what would it be?”

Watch the video to see their response.

Success Stories of Those Who Have Received Legs:

Thousands of children each year lose limbs, primarily from traumas and landmines, and families who live in poverty are often unable to afford prosthetics. This can hinder children from getting an education, obtaining a […]

Hope to Walk is a credible solution to the prosthetic issue that plagues the world’s poor

Dr. Cory Siffring, Trauma Surgeon

Help fund our next trip

Hope To Walk is raising support for a trip to Honduras in February.  We are empowering Honduras to help amputee patients living in poverty by training Hondurans to make legs and training doctors to fit them. Partner with us by giving and sharing our vision to bring Hope to the nations.