A mother who never lost hope

Ada Marina, a 36-year-old woman from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She is full of life and exudes joy regardless of circumstances everywhere she goes, especially the Hope To Walk clinic. While waiting to be seen, she was entertaining other patients with her spunky sense of humor and personable charm.

After Polio caused weakness and breakage in her ankles, she was hospitalized for surgery. While in the hospital, she contracted osteomyelitis, a bacterial bone infection. It spread throughout her feet and up her legs, leading to bilateral amputation. She lost both of her legs on September 15, 2016. Ada was a market manager but has not been able to work or walk since the surgery. She has an 8-year-old son, and they both live with her sister who takes care of them.

We asked Ada what she was looking forward to most about receiving her prosthetics, and she spoke with an amazing response:

I could tell you that I want to be able to work and provide for my son, and of course that is true. But most of all, I want to serve the Lord. I want to keep going in life, and I realize He is giving me this chance. I want to be the one to reach out to others in hopeless situations. I want to encourage, inspire, and motivate. I will be the one saying, ‘Tú puedes hacerlo…You can do it.’

It was an emotional transformation; many tears, smiles, and laughs were shared watching her walk about the room on two legs. Ada is using these feet to play soccer with her child and encourage others everywhere she goes.

image of a woman sitting

Ada, Honduras

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