Help Others Regain Hope

Hope To Walk was started with a simple yet profound vision: To see all amputee patients - men, women, and children - around the world have access to quality, low cost prosthetic legs.  We don't want anyone to have to question, "Will I ever walk again? How will I support my family?  How can I go to school?" Considering there is an estimated 30-35 million amputees worldwide who cannot afford prosthetic legs, this is a goal much larger than any one person or one organization.

The only way this can happen is if we have volunteers join our team and be a part of this vision. Volunteering can take many forms including using your skills or career to volunteer here from the USA, helping us connect with individuals or companies who may want to support our vision, leading projects, or joining an international trip and helping us love and serve our amputee patients.

Please fill out the form below so that our team can connect with you. We look forward to serving alongside you to help others regain hope by having the ability to walk.


Thanks to the volunteer effort of Broken Earth and Bahamas Relief Cruise we got Edwin and others affected by Hurricane Dorian back on their feet again!

Volunteer Questionnaire

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