Above Knee Prosthetic Leg


Patented design made with 3D printers

Considering the challenges faced when implementing below-knee prosthetics in developing nations, the above knee prosthetic (AK) has more. As the name suggests an above knee amputation indicates that the patient no longer has a functional knee joint, thus a prosthetic leg for this patient requires a knee joint for them to use it successfully.  Commercial knee joints can be very expensive and we desire to keep our costs as low as possible so as to benefit more patients.

In 2019 Hope To Walk, with the help of one of our volunteers Christopher Nickels who is a Virginia Tech student, purchased 3D printers and began testing a new patented knee design that Hope To Walk has developed. We are currently in our testing phase and our patients are doing very well. One of them, who had used a commercial prosthetic leg in the past, actually preferred our low cost leg as he said it was more light weight and comfort level was equal!

We hope by the end of 2020 our AK will be ready for widespread use. Soon we will initiate a capital campaign to raise the funds necessary to produce the knee joint on a larger scale. We have hundreds of patients on our waiting lists in one clinic in Honduras alone, little alone millions around the world.  We look forward to the day when no amputee will have to wonder if they will be able to receive a prosthetic leg due to high costs. This is the best investment we can make into their future.

image of a prosthetic leg

A child's above knee prosthetic leg

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