BuddhistTempleI just spent an exciting 10 days visiting Vietnam! Uni-Reach, a humanitarian group out of CA, heard about HTW late last year and encouraged us to join them on their trip in January.

Hope To Walk was invited to introduce our leg technology to two groups, a state run orthopedic hospital in DaNang and a prosthetic workshop for the poor in Hanoi. Both locations were excited to learn about our Insta-Leg and desired to use it as a temporary and permanent solution.

Dr. Do’s group in Hanoi, has been helping the poor for many years and was amazed at the ability to create the custom socket without the need of a workshop. His group was recently asked if his prosthetic team could fit about 300 people with legs in a remote village just south of the Chinese border. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a solution because they needed their workshop to create the custom socket and they were too far away. Now, once they are trained in the HTW Insta-Leg technology, they’ll be able to help the many people, young and old, to walk, that previously had no access to a prosthetic leg.

OsteopathicHospitalWe also had the opportunity to meet with some representatives from the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi. Ezra, the education officer for USAid gave us some great information about possible grants that Dr. Do’s group could apply for in chorus with working with HTW. We also met with Carolle, the Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer and two of her associates. They were amazed at the low cost of our leg and encouraged us to remain in contact with her about some opportunities.


We were graciously escorted throughout our trip by a wonderful man of peace, Mr. Long. He is the Chairman of the Society for the Support of the Handicapped and Orphaned in DaNang. We had many diplomatic meetings with Vietnamese government officials and he helped us successfully navigate each of them.

We have been asked to return by the end of this year to teach the Insta-Leg technology to both groups and join them in putting legs on the poor in the village just south of the Chinese border.

If you’d like to help make that a reality, and would like to donate specifically for this cause, simply notate “Vietnam” on your check or in the memo section of your on-line donation. We’ll need about $6,000 to send Phil with all the needed leg components and to cover all of his travel costs. I hope you’ll pray and support us in making this a reality.

In addition to the above, I have started to make some good relationships with those mentioned above and some other Vietnamese business people. Please pray that we’d be faithful to nurture those relationships for the glory of the Kingdom.

I am grateful for all of your support and prayers, and will share soon about our recent trip to Honduras.

With much Hope,

Ed Bellaire, E.D.