Project Description

Aurelia600x400While we were on our way to a local missionary hospital, a local doctor said, “I have a patient that is coming this afternoon, and I know that she may not be a good candidate for a leg, but I am going to advocate for her.”  We were not sure what to expect when she said this but she then proceeded to tell us about a woman named Aurelia.

When we met her that day, her son was rolling this precious 61 year old woman into the hospital in her wheel chair.  She had diabetes for years but had never been diagnosed.  As a result, over the previous two years she lost her left leg, her sight, and most of her hearing…

When we met her we initially told her that it may not be safe for her to receive a leg and walk given that she was blind.  Her son pleaded with us and said, “Please… She used to make corn tortillas for our entire neighborhood and be able to do things around the house.  Now that she can’t walk she feels useless and has lost her purpose.  All she wants is to feel useful again by standing to make tortillas and to wash dishes for the family.”

After hearing this and seeing his dedication to his mother as he stood there comforting her, we began to pray. We then decided that with such a good support system at home, it was worth the risk to make her a leg.  She stood later that day for the first time in years and her joy and smile were unlike anything we have ever experienced before.  Our head prosthetic technician, who has been making prosthetic legs for 35 years even said, “Of all the hundreds of legs I have made for patients this one has touched me the most and reminded me never to count someone out.”  She is now being followed by local doctors and is doing well.