Project Description

Anuar4In March of 2011, Anuar was 16 years old and was walking along the side of the road and was struck by a bus.  Thankfully he survived but lost his leg as a result of the accident.  You could imagine how difficult this trauma would be for an otherwise healthy young man who had his whole life ahead of him.

He was working at the time for a trash company, jumping on and off trucks all day long picking up trash around the city. Then in an instant, his life was changed forever.  Obviously he could no longer continue working at his job…

We met him at our clinic and he had the same story as many of our patients – the used prosthetic leg he bought had broken and  he could not afford a new prosthetic leg.  We assessed him and knew he was in great shape to receive a HTW prosthetic leg.  After receiving his leg, he was able to return to his work and he is once again jumping on and off of trucks!  In a follow-up trip, he shared that the HTW leg was better than his previous one because it was lighter and easier to use.  He was grateful for his leg and that he is once again able to support himself.