There are some people who simply have contagious joy, and that is María Lopez. Despite her situation, she permanently sports a smile. She lost her leg last year to a diabetes infection, which is unfortunately far too common in Latin America. While walking in her house, she accidentally stepped on a nail. Gangrene had already set in when she went to the hospital, and it was too late to save the leg. Though her physical life changed, she strengthened her spirit by the Word of God and community, never letting the amputation negatively affect her. She says the key to overcoming amputation is never being alone and working together.

Fortunately, María lives with family and is often visited by church friends. She loves to cook in the house, making pastelitos, tamalitos de frijoles, and nacatamales with her family. Cooking in a wheelchair definitely makes things more complicated, but she has learned to improvise. María was especially excited to receive the leg so that she can do more cooking and possibly be hired somewhere.

Once she stood on two feet, her already bright smile only beamed brighter! She walked again with confidence and joy. When Hope to Walk’s Director, Mara, told María about the In Honor Of donation program, she was overcome by gratitude and happy tears. Your generous donation helped change a life and touch several others. Alejandro Petersen built the leg from start to finish, María walked for the first time this year, and all watching were moved with emotion. Such is the ripple effect of kindness.

Everyone at Hope to Walk, María and family, and beyond thank you for your support. It is through the giving of others and grace of God that we are able to continue doing what we do. We pray that it blesses you as you have blessed many.

“I thank God because they’ve come to this place to do us the favor to walk again. I thank God, the institution, and each person that looks at us, because they’re helping us.”  – María Lopez