Maria Lazo Flores is a genuine, kind-hearted Christian woman from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She is victim to the disease, diabetes, which runs rampant throughout Central America. This is the most common yet preventable cause of amputation, but people do not have access to the proper treatment. It is sad to see the effects of diabetes but amazing to see how people overcome.

An ulcer appeared on Maria’s big toe and overstayed it’s welcome for one month. When she started having a fever, she was taken the hospital, where the doctor realized that infection had spread throughout her right leg. She was admitted for an emergency amputation and stayed in the hospital for 8 days. Maria spoke about that long experience, but how she saw it as a blessed opportunity to pray for others in situations worse than her:

“I know God has taken care of me, because I’m a Christian thanks to God. And He takes care of us, His children, and that’s important. Just imagine me in the hospital. For us, God’s children, He is with us. I prayed, ‘Lord, those who still don’t know you, may they be able to know you because you’re a God always looking out for your children.’ I want to tell you that in that hospital you see cases where someone may be ok, and you just have to turn around to see someone in pain. That is why it is important to know God, because you can pray for that other person who may be dying.”

Maria lost her leg on March 5, 2017 and received your In Honor Of leg on November 20,

2017, her first prosthesis. Though it is nearly impossible to receive a leg in Central America, Maria always knew that she is in the hands of God and that all things are possible with Him. She exclaimed how God led her to Hope to Walk and gave her the opportunity to have a prosthesis. It was difficult when she walked with it for the first time, but it is all a process, and one that she is willing to overcome. Even if it is hard to get used to, she practices for 20 minutes three times per day. She is ready to keep fighting and working hard!

Maria expressed her gratitude to God and all the “good-hearted people who are working in this.” We greatly thank you for your generous donation, which truly gives hope and changes lives. Maria spoke about this transformation, saying:

“I have changed, because if I do something now, I think it just may be the will of God, and I will always focus on Him.”

We pray that Maria’s story has blessed you as you have blessed another through your financial gift. We hope you continue supporting Hope to Walk so that we can keep walking in this mission!