The saying “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” is a life motto for José.
He lost his leg two years ago to a small piece of glass in his foot, which he did not feel because of diabetes. The glass caused a large infection and left no option but amputation. After a friend heard about Hope to Walk and shared the news, José traveled to Siguatepeque, a city in Honduras where the organization had set up a mobile clinic. He was unable to receive a leg the first three tries due to weight, but he kept striving towards the goal. On his fourth attempt, José traveled 11 hours to reach Hope to Walk’s
permanent clinic in Tegucigalpa. This time, he was at a healthy enough weight to be fit for a leg. In 2 weeks time, he was out dancing like before, and no one even knew he was using a prosthetic!

In February of 2017, José returned to the clinic having lost a good amount of socket volume due to increased activity. A necessary and new leg rewarded his hard work. Hope to Walk created a tighter socket with your special donor leg to suit his dancing and exercise routines. José recently started a tailoring business and owns a tailor shop. He is full of joy and gratitude, and he personally thanks you for your generosity. It is through gracious donors like yourself that Hope to Walk is able to continue providing this hope to disadvantaged amputees. We thank you for your support and pray that it blesses you as you have blessed this organization and José.
“I held on to God, and he gave me the strength to endure the trial. If it wasn’t for your help, I would never have been able to walk again. I can’t thank you enough, may God bless you.” – José