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Dr XiomaraDr. Erazo, MD has been a part of our Hope To Walk family for almost 4 years now and is an important member of our team. She was born and raised in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, in a family with a mother and brother. Her brother had asthma and there was not enough resources for him to receive proper medical care. After witnessing her brother in need, she grew up wanting to be a doctor to help others in need. She worked hard and her dream came true and started medical school at the National University in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. After graduation she couldn’t afford to go into a residency program and started working as a General Practitioner in a local hospital. She soon was married and later had 3 beautiful children.

She started working at Baxter Institute in September 2007, as a part-time physician. In January 2008, she started as a full-time physician and an International Preceptor for Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) which is in Blacksburg, Virginia. Later that year, she became the Clinic Director. In 2011, she received her Master’s Degree in Public Health and Epidemiology. In 2015, to work more efficiently with VCOM students, she received a College Teaching Diploma.

In May 2014, she met Phil and Michael (the founders of Hope to Walk) who were a Prosthesist/Orthesist and a first-year medical student who came with one of VCOM´s medical brigades. They were interested in evaluating amputee patients to see if there was a local need and to try to make low-cost prosthetic legs for them. At first, she thought their desire seemed impossible, knowing how many people needed help and how hard it was for patients to have access to prosthetics. The need seemed huge, and she thought it was going to be overwhelming for the group, and they might think it was too much to carry. Gladly, she says, she was wrong as Hope To Walk was determined to succeed and never gave up despite challenges they faced. Since then she says she feels blessed to be a witness of so many miracles in patients and their families´ lives.

Dr. Xiomara lives with her three children in Tegucigalpa and is excited and honored to join the HTW board. She wants to see HTW help all Hondurans in need as well as others throughout Central America and beyond. She is an extremely hard worker, very intelligent, and equally humble. She has been a valuable member of our team and will continue to be so for years to come.

“Being a doctor, I usually receive sick patients and prescribe medicines that will help them get better either quickly or over time. Some of them come back, some of them don´t. With patients with amputations, it is like receiving people who have lost all hope, some are able to carry on….some aren´t. It is almost like they are emotionally dead. Watching them put a new leg on and being able to see how their faces light up and glow, it is as if they come back to life. Their smiles come from within and a new life is given and they embrace it and begin making plans again. It truly changes a person’s life and that of their family instantly. There’s no feeling greater than that.”