Rob Luffman

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RobLuffmanFamilyRob Luffman, a certified management accountant, serves on Hope To Walk’s Board of Directors as the Board Treasurer. He is the Chief Financial Officer of Gracetree Investments, LLC in Tennessee’s “Tri-City” area (Bristol, Kingsport, and Johnson City). Rob’s career and personal values are woven together with charitable work and philanthropy. In his personal life, Rob has known Chairman Michael Mabry for many years as a family friend. Rob’s relationship with Michael, including support of an outreach program called One7 which Michael helped develop, led him to discover the transformative work of Hope To Walk. Having been impressed with their hearts for others and their methods, he has embraced as a financial backer. As a member of the Hope To Walk team, Rob uses his skills to organize and generate efficiency in the charity’s finances. Rob’s financial management experience with businesses and charities allows Hope To Walk to show that its mission is reflected in its finances. This gives the organization a foundation of integrity and transparency as it promises healthy growth for the future. Rob and his wife have two grown children. To relax and have fun, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, playing golf, and camping.