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“My life vision is to inspire others to truly live life to the fullest, by not dwelling on the negative aspects of life and by showing them they have value. One person can only do so much, but by functioning in a community and putting others first, we are able to help exponentially more people and we will change the World.”

Michael Mabry

Michael-Phil-Roanoke-PaperAs Hope to Walk’s Chairman, Michael Mabry has been the catalyst that has helped bring the organization to life. He’s led in many aspects of operation, from acting as the team’s translator to conducting medical research. Michael also brings his science and medical education to the team, graduating Cum Laude from East Tennessee State University with a degree in Biology and Health Sciences. During college, not only did his knowledge grow, but also his passion for helping others.

He mentored and encouraged kids at Doe River Gorge for three summers. He also led a mission team for a college ministry called The Well. There, he raised funds and awareness for dozens of international causes while providing opportunities for college students to support the local community. Michael also led the Johnson City plant of One7 Ministries; a non-profit inner city ministry devoted to encouraging and supporting low income families.

In 2012, Michael was faced with a pivotal decision. He was accepted to medical school at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM), but he also felt he was being led to continue developing One7’s outreach programs. The infrastructure was still forming and he was ready to refuse acceptance to medical school. Amazingly, the school made a very rare exception, allowing Michael to defer school for one year in order to continue leading this impactful organization.

During his time as a director of One7, Michael met Ed Bellaire beginning a mentoring relationship which eventually led to Michael asking Ed to help make Hope To Walk become a reality. Micheal began medical school at VCOM in August 2013. Once there, he met Phil Johnson and they shared their interest in helping people in other countries with prosthetics. In 2014, they took two trips to Honduras as the seeds of what is now Hope to Walk began to develop.

Michael lives in Blacksburg, VA with his wife Yolanda. In his spare time he likes to hike and get outdoors as often as possible. He also plays guitar and likes to cook.