Loy Burch

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Loy-Burch400x200Loy grew up at Espanola, New Mexico, holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from Eastern New Mexico University.  He and his wife have been involved in mission work in Honduras for over 30 years. He presently serves on the Board of Directors at the Baxter Institute, a four year Bible College and Medical Clinic in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  Baxter is having a great impact on all Latin countries with students from eleven nations.  These students come from their home countries to study the Bible for 4 years and after graduation, return to their nations to serve others.  This school is also the site of the clinic where Hope To Walk is based out of.

In 2011 Loy was contacted by a friend that a Honduran man, Juan Zavala, was in an accident and lost a leg.  After inquiring about possibilities of his receiving a prosthetic leg in Honduras, he learned it was next to impossible.  Loy brought Juan’s picture to Phillip Johnson and asked, “What will be the cost of a prosthetic leg for Juan?”  Phillip said, “Bring him here and I will make him a prosthetic leg at no cost”.  Next thing you know, Juan was on a plane leaving for America for the first time in his life.  Philip fitted him with his prosthetic leg and Juan walked immediately.  Loy and Phil continue to joke about how they had to tell Juan to slow down as he was running up the hill behind the office.

This whetted the interest of Loy and Phil.  They thought, “How can these prosthetic needs be met in Central America and around the world to help the poor?”  Phil had been concerned about this need for quite some time and had ideas and interest in the concept for “Hope To Walk.”  This development is so exciting that such a blessing can be potentially available to so many people in developing countries.

Loy is interested in making the “Johnson Leg” available to all who need it.

Loy and his wife Mary currently reside in Blacksburg.