Ken Jones

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Ken is a retired family physician who received his medical degree from the Medical College of Virginia (MCV). Ken’s family practice residency was in a unique program conceived by MCV with the goal of equipping family physicians to serve effectively in rural areas without hospital facilities.

After residency, Ken and his wife Karen moved to Christiansburg, VA where he practiced for 36 years, and they raised a family with four children. Karen was to play an integral role in their clinic as office manager who Ken says, “was the brains of the outfit”. Ken was also an active staff member at Montgomery Regional Hospital in neighboring Blacksburg where he served on the Board of Trustee’s and worked with Medicine, ICU, Pediatrics and Newborn services.

Ken’s involvement with missions was the direct result of Karen’s joining mission teams helping build a church in Haiti. After she came back on fire this started to open Ken’s eyes. He said he would always make excuses to himself such as: ‘too busy’, ‘my patients need me here’, etc. But after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, God clearly spoke directly to him and said-‘IF THIS DOESN’T MAKE YOU GO, NOTHING WILL’. So he went and his eyes were finally opened to mission work and specifically to the enormous needs in Haiti.

Ken first met Michael Mabry when Michael was a medical student doing a rotation in the Christiansburg clinic. Ken says, “This young man was full of God and told me about Hope to Walk which, of course, impressed me. I never forgot him. Two years later while planning a trip to Haiti, I was compelled to call Mike to see if HTW had gone to Haiti. He replied with excitement, ‘No, but we want to!’ Immediately Ken traveled to Blacksburg, VA to see the HTW prosthetics lab and to meet Phil who graciously explained the program and made him a pediatric prosthesis to take to Haiti on his trip.

On his trip to Haiti, Ken was able to speak with key physicians at the two largest hospitals in Les Cayes, a city of 350,000 people. Their response, after hearing about HTW for the first time was positive, with each of them expressing eagerness to present this concept to their respective medical staffs.

Ken believes, as we do, that the potential for Hope to Walk around the world is enormous. He is excited to join the HTW family and help use his past experiences to move the ministry forward. Ken and Karen, his wife of 46 years currently reside at Smith Mountain Lake in Central Virginia.