Dave McKenney – Development Director


Dave McKenney serves Hope To Walk as Development Director. He has nearly 30 combined years of engineering experience around the U.S., in addition to executive-level non-profit experience. He is a married man of faith who brings effective non-profit strategies to Hope To Walk’s mission.

Dave has a love of outreach and what he calls “ecumenical ministry” – showing Christ’s love to the world independent of theology. He has served on numerous boards affiliated with Habitat for Humanity, and holds a certificate in non-profit management from a Carnegie-Mellon University outreach program. At the height of his Habitat involvement, he served as an executive director, and his affiliate received an award for Most Effective Rural Affiliate, as well as the “Jimmy Carter” award for Most Houses Built per capita.

Dave discovered Hope To Walk through his mentor Dr. Loren Siffring, the father of Hope To Walk Board member Dr. Cory Siffring. But it was the shock that his college roommate’s wife lost part of her foot to amputation that made Hope To Walk’s message personal to Dave, filling his heart with passion for the work.

Dave’s special contribution to Hope To Walk uses all of his available skills. His engineering career gives him the capability to support training, focusing on photographic instruction, transferring processes, and continuous improvement. His nonprofit experience lends Hope To Walk agile abilities in the realm of fundraising, strategic planning, and strategic problem-solving (e.g., equipping communities to continue treating basic amputee needs while they wait for more advanced support).

Dave is happily married and says he feels he has everything he wants in his life, including children and grandchildren. In his spare time he enjoys wildlife photography, playing volleyball, and keeping up Friday night date night – and seeing the grand kids.