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Hope_to_walk_how_can_I_helpProvide – Hope to Walk has financial needs. Hope to Walk offers a “Frugal, Sustainable, and Transferable” means to help missionary clinics in the developing world address amputee disability. Your contribution supports Hope to Walk’s work and assures the high level of care each person deserves.

Partner – If you’d like to assist Hope to Walk in bringing our form of prosthetic care to a location around the world where you or your organization has resources in place, please get in touch with our Administrative Director. Your efforts will plant the seeds of our work into a whole new region of the globe. We will customize a process for your organization that will allow you to become certified in prosthetic manufacture, patient assessment, prosthetic installation, and pre and post prosthetic patient care. Hope to Walk has representatives and prosthetists to train and oversee certification of your organization as a satellite Hope to Walk location. We can discuss the financial support you would need to bring to the partnership to make this possible.

Participate – If you or a group would like to help us in the current areas we are serving, there are many ways for you to help. All participants raise the needed funds to cover expenses on their trip, including the cost of prosthetic materials. Hope to Walk offers remote or in-person pre-trip training to help us work as an efficient team. You will be asked to do important work connecting with patients and supporting the work of the Hope to Walk prosthetic team. Please contact us for details.